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  • Food nourishes the body, but it’s the creative collaboration and conversation that food inspires that nourishes the soul. At least it does mine. That’s my recipe for FoodFixe. Not only do I want to share my favorite dishes, but I hope you’ll share yours, too. Regardless of your experience in the kitchen, everyone has something to bring to the table.

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Rebecca--that's an interesting twist I wouldn't have thought of. Thanks for sharing!

i made these today with vanilla almond granola instead of the almonds and they are super delish. & also really pretty because i have the most adorable muffin pans. thanks!

No. The recipe comes from a little cookbook called "Muffins," which I've attributed above.

Looks very delicious! I can't help cooking it on my own! By the way, hoped to find it in my favorite cookery book http://file.sh/huge+collection+of+recipies+torrent.html , but failed to find. It must be your original recipe, right?

Hey, do you have a favorite pumpkin pie recipe? I'm in charge of all things pumpkin at Thanksgiving this year.

OMG, Siobhan, these are such an enormous hit this morning! I'm taking the ones we haven't devoured over to my mother's place tonight, and I have plans to make 200 or 300 more of them.

Also made the straight pumpkin bread, but haven't tried it yet.

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