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Siobhan's experience with food and cooking is both self-taught and professionally trained. She most recently retired her cheesecake business after 7 1/2 years. Siobhan also spent two years as the pastry chef for Wintun Dinner House in Colusa, CA.

Besides baking, Siobhan served as chef for a premiere duck club in the Butte Sink area of Sutter County. As well, she interned at other restaurants in and around Sacramento and Colusa.

Siobhan completed the pastry program at American River College in Sacramento in 1995 and is Serv-Safe certified. She also has taken more cooking classes than she has finger and toes on which to count them. Among them, though, was the 12-week course through Home Chef, now owned by Viking.

Before Siobhan chose food as a career, she spent more than a decade as an editor in technology trade publishing, managing reviews and then features.

Now she's come full circle, combining her love for food with her love of writing.